Pieology of Chino HIlls

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Chino Hills, Ca

Restaurant Type:


The Real Take:

Pieology is a new franchise restaurant that is located in most Southern California cities.  This place is amazing because you can make your own pizza, with as many toppings you want, all for 1 price under $9. All pizza’s are thin crust, healthy tasting and potentially shareable (although most enjoy their own). If you want some amazing, thin crust, customizable pizza, stop by Pieology and enjoy the Chipotle of pizza joints.

The F.A.S.T. Take

Food – A-

Nothing out of the ordinary on the menu, but they cover ALL the basics.

Atmosphere – B

Trendy spot. Typically busy, but the do-it-yourself atmosphere speeds things along.

Service – A

Comparable to Chipotle or Subway. Simple and to the point.

Tab – A

Excellent if you take advantage of topping choices. Don’t feel compensated when ordering cheese or pepperoni.

Overall Grade – A-


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