Casablanca of Claremont

Nicki pics & vids 4-14 340

Nicki pics & vids 4-14 339


Claremont CA 91711

Restaurant Type:


The Real Take:

Casablanca is elegant Mediterranean restaurant located in Downtown Claremont. This is a large restaurant and its perfect for any special occasion. The food here is simply amazing and everything taste fresh and homemade. They have indoor/outdoor seating with nice view of the shops of Downtown Claremont.

The F.A.S.T. Take

Food – A+

Amazing and authentic flavor. Great portions. Second to none.

Atmosphere – A

Elegant, however attendance is low despite a great Downtown Claremont location.

Service – B+

Servers are polite, nothing standout.

Tab – C

Meals are expensive, but the quality is undeniable.

Overall Grade – B+


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