Taqueria Mora of Chino Hills

IMG_5584 IMG_5583 IMG_0039


4183 Chino Hills Pkwy Ste L, Chino Hills, CA 91709

Restaurant Type:


The Real Take:

Taqueria Mora is a traditional Mexican taco restaurant with a simple menu highlighted with good quality ingredients. They lack the overwhelming flavors featured at your favorite mexican restaurant, but still offer great tasting food.  Good prices and a Taco Tuesday menu make this place a great option for a quick bite.

The F.A.S.T. Take

Food – B

Good quality ingredients; however, they are missing a signature taste or item.

Atmosphere – B

Limited seating in a somewhat hidden location. Don’t expect much.

Service – A-

Excellent wait times. You can instruct the chef while he’s putting your meal together.

Tab – B+

Decent prices; however serving sizes may leave you wanting more.

Overall Grade – B+


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