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Hummus Bar Pita


Hummus Bar Menu


1333 3rd St Promenade, Santa Monica, CA  90401

Restaurant Type:


The Real Take:

The Hummus Bar Express is an awesome spot for grabbing authentic Mediterranean food when shopping in the 3rd Street Promenade. Don’t expect to find parking easily or grab a quick bite on the move. The shops and outdoor entertainment makes for a great atmosphere if you’re not opposed to massive crowds, specifically on the weekend. Outdoor eating is a great option with the ocean breeze lingering. The real estate and food quality make it a little pricey, so be sure to check for Groupon deals. This is a must-try.

The F.A.S.T. Take:

Food – A-

Great flavor and quality.

Atmosphere  – A-

Perfect, if you’re looking to do shopping or stroll to the beach.

Service – B

Not much attention is paid to those eating outside. Underwhelming.

Tab – B

You’re paying for a great location. Check for online deals.

Overall Grade – B+

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