Riverside Grill of Chino

photo 1 (2)


5258 Riverside Dr, Chino, Ca

Restaurant Type:

American, Brunch

The Real Take:

The Riverside Grill Bar is a popular restaurant in the city of Chino. It is cozy place that has amazing homemade tasting food. Their patio area makes you feel like you’re eating in a  hidden garden, great place for  brunch. Meanwhile, there is a car wash place next door so you can have your car washed while you eat. Waiters are very friendly and fast with what you need. Seating is limited, I would suggest you call in to check wait times if you’re going during the weekend.

The F.A.S.T. Take

Food – A-

Homemade and fresh.

Atmosphere – B

Cozy, home filling. Can get crowded quick.

Service – A

Great friendly and accommodating staff.

Tab – A-

Very fair prices. This place is well worth it.

Overall Grade – A-


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