Mon Ami Gabi of Las Vegas


food 155


3655 Las Vegas Blvd, Nevada

Restaurant Type:

European, Brunch

The Real Take:

Mon Ami Gabi is a large restaurant that is located in The Paris Hotel with balcony seating on the strip. It is a dine in restaurant that serves amazing brunch. The food is very delightful and the servers are very prompt they make you feel like you’re in Paris. The outdoor seating has the view of Las Vegas Blvd and the indoor seating has large bottles of champagne everywhere. This Restaurant makes you feel like you’re in a french wine cella. This place is a must try if you’re in Las Vegas.

The F.A.S.T. Take

Food – A

High quality and unique

Atmosphere – A

Excellent decor and premier location.

Service – A

Servers are very friendly and prompt

Tab – B+

High prices met with great quality

Overall Grade – A-


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